Yeah, I’m late on posting today. It was a long one. Work was wonderful, as always, and kept me busy all morning. The afternoon? That’s a different story.

See, I spent the afternoon chasing down yet another book pirate site and slamming them with cease and desist emails. If their site was accurate, they illegally sold over 7,000 copies of my books.

That’s more than I’ve sold to date.

That’s close to $7,000 they STOLE from me.

It’s theft, no matter HOW you want to spin it. They’re taking something, my intellectual property, and screwing me out of any sort of profit.

And the people who downloaded the books? Yeah, I call them thief too.

Authors don’t get rich overnight. We don’t write a book, put it up for sale (or a publisher does), and then buy a beach house just for the fun of it. Writing books take months, years, to get from idea to up for sale. We work other jobs and sneak in time between dinner and bed to promote. We don’t just sit back and rake in the royalties.

So why the bloody hades should anyone think it’s a good idea to post a file online and cut me out of any royalties? Who are the readers who think it’s fine to get free books that are legitimately up for sale on Amazon?

Authors want to write…to promote…to relax with their families. We do NOT want to spend hours screaming at people to remove our books. But we do.

We worked hard for those. Some yahoo who can’t be bothered to get a legitimate job has no right to profit from our work.

I’m happy to report that, according to my publisher, the site did pull my books. But that doesn’t truly repair the damage done.

Because, if the numbers are true, that’s a lot of money I could’ve used for something else. Bills, new ink cartridge, food my family can make themselves when I’m on a writing tear. And coffee. Lots of coffee.


Halfway there!

If any of you follow me on FB or Twitter, you know I’ve been doing giveaways for a few weeks now. We’re halfway through, as this is weekend #3 of 6!

Now through Sunday, 3/1, you can pick up “Looking At the Light” for free!

It’s that time again! Everyone welcome Reagan Werner!

1. What’s the title of your latest release? Link?

Red Wing, my first novel, came out in March of 2014. The Kindle E-Book can be purchased here: http://www.amazon.com/Red-Wing-Reagan-Werner-ebook/dp/B00J4B96ZQ/ref=zg_bsnr_7006663011_14, and the paperback edition here: <https://www.createspace.com/4725982&gt;

2. Why do you like writing in this genre?

I love writing in the science-fiction genre because it invokes both imagination and logic. While you need to keep dreaming up ideas to keep things interesting, you need to tie them into scientific logic. Every action, every effect—it all requires a reason. And I love using creativity to pull everything together! The finished product is incredibly rewarding.

3. What do you like to read?

I’ll read anything with a good plot—preferably something full of action. Occasionally, I read poetry as well. Not because the poem itself is what makes it good, but the possibilities of what it means is what makes a poem good.

4. Favorite movie?

I love movies that have characters with depth, and Mean Girls has so many characters with emotions that can be dissected…also, it’s hilarious! Also, I really, really like Napoleon Dynamite. I’m not sure why.

5. What are your writing habits? Music or silence? Daily regimen or spurts of creativity?

I have trouble focusing, unless I have a large supply of chocolate next to me and music blasting. It drives my family crazy, so I can’t do it every day. But I’m a hard worker, so I can write a chapter every time if I’m motivated enough.

6. What was the most surreal moment you’ve had as an author?

While I love writing novels, short stories are what I’m best at, and writing one was the most surreal moment I’ve had as an author. I had just read a poem about war in French Class, and was considering meanings and its depth. I used the emotions stored in the poem and my reaction to write one of the best short stories I’ve ever penned, Among the Dandelions. I’m planning to post it on my blog as a free-read short story.

7. How can readers find you?

I have a Goodreads (https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/8077599.Reagan_Werner), Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Red-Wing/467736306661196?ref_type=bookmark), and even a Tumblr (redwingauthor), but I focus on Twitter and my blog. My blog can be found at http://redwingbooks.wordpress.com/, and my Twitter is @RedWingAuthor, under the name of Red Wing.

8. What do you know now about being published that you wish you’d known before submitting?

I wish I had talked about adding Barnes and Nobles into my contract. Several people have approached me, asking when Barnes and Nobles will purchase my books.

9. Favorite snack/drink while writing?

I love chocolate so much, it’s my favorite snack anytime. I also enjoy iced tea while working, but only in the summer.

10. Look at your writing area…what’s the item you keep to inspire you (piece of artwork, figurine)?

I don’t really have any specific items that inspire me. What keeps me interested in working and ready is music. I’ll listen to oldies, to current pop music, to musical music, and after some hard work writing, I’ll go YouTubing. I also plan to write out a playlist for Red Wing, just to see what songs fit it.

Thanks for stopping by, Reagan!


Happy Monday! Muse the Purrbot is curled up on my lap, and I’m content sipping my tea as the work day gets started.

I was thinking on something last night, and I’d love to hear your thoughts. It seems there’s a group of authors out there who think, once they put their name on the contract, their part is over. They can just relax, write the next book, and not worry about another thing. They’re with a publisher now, so their literary job is secure.

Um, hate to tell you guys this, but it’s not.

Those contracts (talking about decent contracts, not screw you over ones) have dates in them. Five years from the date of signature, three years from date of original upload, something. Which means, at the end of the contract, the publisher can elect to not renew it and let you have your rights back.

They do not have to keep your book up until you find something better.

A lot of things go into consideration before a renewal is offered. Does the author promote? Are they positive on social media? Are they cheering on their fellow authors? Do they complain in public or to their publisher about poor sales? Are they a major pain, expecting things done for them just because they want it? Are they aware of the cost and work a publishing house puts into their book, or do they think changing the cover should be ‘no big deal’?

It’s not always about how well a title sells.

What gets me is that writers work so hard at getting this job – and I do mean job – at a publishing house. They wrote the book, they got it peer edited, they polished it until it gleamed, and they researched the various houses that might be interested in their genre. Then, when they get the job, they slack off. And get upset when it’s not renewed.

Would you go into your day job and say, ‘hey, you hired me and I’m here but I’m not going to be bothered working today. I’m just going to sit here and complain that you’re not doing something for me.’? You’d get fired!

So, do yourself a favor. Remember this is a job, it’s work. Don’t forget that for a second. Work hard, and be patient. Nobody went from the mail room to the corner office overnight. The same holds true for authors.


Be it known that the books listed on the following website are PIRATED BOOKS.

Neither I nor my publisher authorized them to put them up, nor are we receiving any payment for these books.




Good morning! It’s Monday. Boy, is it a Monday!

There’s been some really interesting times in our house over the last six weeks. I won’t bore you with details, but the stress level’s been up there due to some medical issues. From what the doctor said after the last surgery (yep,there were two procedures done), it’s finally cleared up. Not life threatening, just painful and needed to be dealt with for my hubby.

When you get blindsided with things like that, other things either get shoved aside or put into clear focus. Sometimes both. While I didn’t write any during all this, I thought about writing. And realized I’ve been away from it too long.

See, wanting to be an author isn’t enough. You have to sit your backside into the chair and do it. You have to be willing to admit that every word you put to paper may not be gold. That maybe your editor really does know best (that’s why you asked for their honest opinion, right?). That the cover might need some specifications you didn’t think of or know about to work which is why you can’t have 3 shades of purple on the title.

It’s spending the time on FB and Twitter, doing cold calls at local mom and pop bookstores, and being your own publicist who contacts local media.

It’s about taking the bad sales months on the chin, and channeling your inner Scarlett O’Hara to face the next day with renewed optimism. It’s deciding you want a career, not be a one book wonder.

Just like any other career, this one will take years if not decades to create. It boggles my mind the number of authors I meet who think they’ll be rich within 2 weeks of the release of their first book. It’s a pipe dream, not reality. Even the so-called ‘overnight success’ stories you hear of spent years working to get to that point, or had to go through something so horrific, and survived to tell their story, that you have to get that book so you know the details.

Me? I’d rather spend years squeezing lemons and making lemonade than get there overnight. Too many pitfalls. Too many unanswered questions. Am I really ready to face the media onslaught? Will I need to hire bodyguards for my kids while they’re at school because of threats? Is walking the red carpet at a movie premiere the highpoint of my life?

Or is waking up next to my husband, knowing I can sit down and write today?

Yeah, it’s the latter.


Yes, it’s Thursday. But this got in my head and it’s too important to wait.

I had someone tell me they bought books from a site, one I’d never heard of. They said they went there because it was cheaper.

It’s a pirate site.

I get it. Times are still rough for lots of us. And, saving $1 or $2 on an ebook sounds like a great deal, right? After all, who does it really hurt? (that’s what the person said to me).

Who does it hurt?

How about the person who wrote the book?!?!?! The cover artist, editor, proofreader, publisher?

Buying from a pirate site is NOT a victim less crime. Authors don’t make tons of money, hand over fist, off of a single sale. It takes thousands. By frequenting these sites, you’re stealing from the very authors you claim to love. From the very people you want to write more.

All to save a buck.

Did you save it? Sure. Because the dollar you saved is NOT going to the author.

You’re stealing directly from the author.

That’s a dollar they might’ve needed to replace an ink cartridge, feed their children, pay the electric bill. It might be the difference between finishing the next book tonight or next month. Maybe next year.

But it’s just me. I’m only one person. It’s only a dollar. It shouldn’t impact THAT much.

It does, when you consider you’re one of a few THOUSAND who do this daily.

All of my ebooks are listed on Amazon. They’re not listed on any other site that I know of as of this posting. Not a legitimate site, anyway. If you went to another site today and found one of my ebooks up for sale, let me know. It’s a pirate site, and I’ll scream and throw a fit like you’ll never want to see to the people who stole my work.

Because that’s MY hard work. My hours away from my family. My imagination and thought and hard work that they stole to make a profit.

It’s my time that you don’t think is worth the extra money to buy from Amazon.



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