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Nine years ago, something happened in my life. For most people, they’d wonder why a D&D character would make any sort of impact in real life. Perchance I was a bit TOO connected to her. The thing is, that group of friends had been meeting every single Saturday for about 2 1/2 years. We too these characters from game infancy (level 1) to fully fleshed out characters with personalities.
When the group wrapped up, in rather unexpected and bad ways (we were all killed or imprisoned), we mourned the loss. We were bitter, hurt, and felt cheated.
Out of that experience, my muse was unlocked. I finally started to write ‘Daughter of Hauk’. And I got encouragement from friends and family that gave me the confidence to keep at it.
Without that party wipe, I wouldn’t be writing now.
As such, I’ve got a certain fondness for The Raven Chronicles and Arwenna’s story. That was my character, after all. I invented her, borrowed (with permission) other people’s characters from the group. Threw in a few of my own imagination. Changed a few things so the makers of D&D wouldn’t sue me. And used writing Arwenna’s story as a way to deal with some of my own issues.
So, yeah, it hurts when it goes months without a sale. Because it’s more than a good story. It’s my baby. I’ve written other stories that may be better told, or more engaging, but that trilogy will forever be my favorite. For very personal reasons.
What makes things nice is that the wait and patience is paying off. I’ve seen pages read or sales for all 3 books for 3 months running now. Even the fan fic has gotten some love.
Will it ever be on the NYT best seller list? Probably not. But my baby’s getting a little bit of love right now from readers. And I’ll take that.

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Well, it’s out. “Wielder of Tiren” is up for sale. Both the paperback and the ebook. Don’t worry, I’ll provide links at the end of this post.

Arwenna’s story is now over. I’m waiting for reviews (always) and hoping I didn’t disappoint my readers with how her story ends. She’s been with me in various forms for a decade now. It wasn’t easy for me to let her go, but it was necessary.

Because of her, I’m now a published author.  Because of her, I’m now the COO of a growing indie house. Because of her, I found the strength in me that I didn’t know existed.

Because of her, I’ve come out of my shell.

I learned a lot writing her story. About myself, my friends. Of what I can accomplish, how to inspire others to reach beyond the lessons we were taught far too young. The ones that say we’re not going to be good enough to reach our goals. That, yes, there will be obstacles put in front of us. But it’s how we work to get past those obstacles, the people we are when things suck, that’s what matters.

And that we tried in the first place.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. There’s a lot of me in Arwenna. Too much in some ways. As she grew, healed, and found her strength so did I.

Thank you to each and every one of you that’s gone on the journey with her. Because of her, my muse is now dancing outside and free. No longer locked away and the voice silenced.

May you find the key to unlocking your muse as well.


ebook: http://www.amazon.com/Wielder-Tiren-Raven-Chronicles-Book-ebook/dp/B01CIS1DKM

print: http://www.amazon.com/Wielder-Tiren-Raven-Chronicles-3/dp/1625263422

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I know, I didn’t make my post last Monday. I was kinda busy. We left town on Wednesday to attend my mom’s memorial service.

I spent most of the last week saying goodbye to her. Finding the best way to help my dad and older sister move forward. Reconciling myself to her passing. And resting from the emotional/mental drain from the week.

On a good note…”Alaric’s Bow” released on Dec. 1st!


So, now I’m in a mode to refocus myself. Move forward again. I’ve never had a big fear of death. Life goes on, even if those we love don’t. Words need to be said or written. Children still have birthdays. Holidays still happen.

Once my work time is done and lunch is done, it’s off to work on Arwenna’s final adventure for a bit.


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Morning, everyone.

Last week, I found out my mother passed away. I’ve spent a lot of time since then coming to grips with her passing. While I think I’ll still have difficulties at the service itself, time moves on.

We didn’t have a perfect relationship. There were more times than not where one of us would dig in our heels when we should’ve given some slack to the other. The fault was as much mine as hers. She was, however, my mother. For that I loved her.

Needless to say, I didn’t write much last week. Too many phone calls that needed to be made, etc. My sister has to deal with more than I do, and I wanted to help her as much as I could. By Sunday, the stress was enough. I spent the day either sleeping or huddled under blankets watching football. And fighting a cold that’d crept in unnoticed. I spent the day being a cat instead of an adult, and it was good.

Now, though, now I think I’m ready to write again. I’ve got ‘Alaric’s Bow’ with my editor. ‘Arine’s Sanctuary’ is out for your reading pleasure (I hope). It’s time to go back to Arwenna’s world, wrap up The Raven Chronicles.

‘Wielder of Tiren’ will be the end of the series. I’d always planned it that way, and now I know that’s what’ll happen. Arwenna’s tale will come to an end, like every story must. Her world is dark, forbidding, and mirrored parts of my own life far more than I like to admit.

As I let go of my mom, I’ll do the same with Arwenna and Y’Durkie.

That’s not to say I’ll stop writing. Nope. The muse is out of her cage and refuses to be locked away. I’ve got two more stories for the Amari and their world ahead of me. Plus, I said something in passing to a friend the other day, “traipsing the beach of the river Styx”.

Yep, there’s a story hiding in those words.


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Happy Monday!

At least, I hope it is. It’s technically Sunday right now, but this topic came up and wouldn’t let me go. So here I sit, on a Sunday evening, writing a post for Monday. I hope I haven’t lost anyone yet. This is very important.

As authors, we need to create a public persona. The face of us as authors we put out in the world. Something that is how we see ourselves as authors, but isn’t completely us. An image of a person who isn’t the sum of who we are, that doesn’t include every aspect of our non-writing lives.


Because the moment you published your book or signed a contract, you became a public figure. And everything that goes along with it. Like stalkers.

This happened to an author friend I know. She posted a bit too much about her personal life on her author page. Someone went overboard. Sent her emails with images from Google Earth with her house on it. Gave her step by step directions of how they knew where she lived.

Scary, huh? It’s one reason I say I live in Seattle Suburbia and not exactly where. I have kids and a husband, but I don’t share names, ages, or schools.

My husband and I had a discussion one night, within a few weeks of me getting my first contract. On how much of our lives we wanted to present to the world via me being an author. On what we would discuss about our kids, our home, our private lives. Because those things are private. I understand wanting to know more about your favorite authors. I’ve been a reader a LOT longer than an author. But I always kept a respectful distance. I treated them as i would want to be treated if the roles were reversed.

It’s one thing to ask them questions. It’s another to refuse to take ‘it’s personal’ as an answer. Whether you classify yourself as a reader or a fan, you need to respect that your favorite authors have a life beyond the books they wrote.

As authors, we need to remember that not everyone out there will read our books and respect our privacy. Some will pry. Others will out and out invade our lives if we let them. Be vigilant. Plan ahead. Watch what you say on FB and Twitter.

Of course, there are some who will dig no matter how much you think you’ve covered your tracks. They’ll find an article from a local newspaper from your initial release. Or do search after search for your name to see if anything will help them locate where you live. Let’s be totally honest here. Some people are going to be mentally unstable. They will fixate on you, identify with your characters, in unhealthy ways. It’s part of being a public figure.

To give you an idea of what I mean, here’s a short story I wrote years ago in response to a challenge from my old writing group. The topic for the week was meeting one of our characters in real life.


I stretched my neck. The hotel had a spa that offered massages. I just might have to splurge on one. I was on a pretty full schedule, though. It could end up waiting until we were back at O’Hare.

Sipping at my coffee, I checked the time on my cell phone for the third time since sitting down. My signing wasn’t for another hour, and then a panel after that. K2 still wasn’t sure why I wasn’t happy with the coffee available for free in the room. It would’ve made her job easier. Like many people knew who I was by sight. Sure, the book had taken off and I’d been invited to this event, but I still had a measure of anonymity. Todd was swinging by this afternoon, promising to take us out to lunch at the best pizza in town. It was going to be a welcome break before the party I *had* to attend.

I felt a chill as it crept down my spine. My senses, all of them, went on high alert. There was something Not Nice in the room. And it had me targeted.

Pray to every deity you want to that you never know the feeling of a blinking neon light saying “Blue Plate Special” directly over your head. It is NOT a nice feeling.

He sat two tables away, dark eyes locked on me. The attempt of a smile crossed his lips. It came across more like a tiger stalking its prey.

On the table, next to an untouched glass of water, sat a worn copy of “Daughter of Hauk”.

My spidey sense was screaming at me to get up and move. I grabbed my cell, twisting out of my chair and grasping my bag at the same time. He was within inches of me as I turned around.

His hand encircled my uppper arm in a vise-like grip. “Going somewhere, Arwenna?” I struggled to loosen his grip on me. “It’s just you and me now, Sister dear. No one here’s going to care if I take what’s mine!” His voice dripped sarcasm.

My eyes grew as it dawned on me. This psycho thought he was Bohrs, and I was Arwenna! I opened my mouth to scream.

The fist flew across his jaw first. He let go of my arm, turning to his assailant. A violent shove drove him into a table. A stiletto heeled boot pinned him to the ground before he could shake the stars from his vision.

All the bravado and swagger evaporated. His voice trembled as he looked up at the woman attached to the boot. “Who are you?” he stammered.

K2 glared at him. “I’m Y’Durkie, you son of a bitch.”


The point of the story is this: you never know who is going to read your books. You never know who is going to identify with the different characters. And you never know if one of those readers is going to take it too far. For your own safety, and that of those you care about, make a persona. Define what of your life your readers get a glimpse at and what’s private.


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Yes, you read that title right. Vacation happened! It’s why I wasn’t posting on Monday last week. Miss me? LOL

We had a great time. Went towards the San Francisco area. Took in a baseball game, walked Fisherman’s Wharf, drove down Lombard Street, and took a boat tour of the bay. It was warm and sunny, something we miss out on here in Seattle Suburbia. Don’t get me wrong, we DO get to see the sun. After a long, gray winter, however…it was good to soak up some natural vitamin D.

The other nice thing about the break is that it made me forget about everything that ‘had’ to get done that typically gets in the way of my writing. Work happens every day. And I LOVE my job. It’s the other stuff (dishes, laundry, etc) that I tend to put higher on the list of my must do list. They take priority over writing, and they shouldn’t.

So, I’m back at work today. Finally caught up on my emails and have a good sense of what will be done tomorrow and the rest of the week. Writing will happen soon, as well. I’ve got the last book in the Raven Chronicles to finish up, plus have the edges of a new Amari book floating about in my mind.

It’s a toss up which one will be written first. Which one do you think? Finishing up Arwenna’s tale, or letting everyone know where Alaric comes from?


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The day I’ve been waiting for since mid-June happened last week. My daughters went back to school. The nice thing is our girls really like school, as well, and both were as ready as I was for it to get going again.

While I’ve been waiting for this to happen, my mind has been filled with how nice it’ll be to have my routine back. Be able to get my Solstice hours in and write. Crank the stereo without looks of ‘not that cd again’. And get back to what I love doing.

Reality hit.

I do this every year. I dream about how nice it’s going to be, then spend the first few days just reveling in having the house to myself. I find things around here that need to be done, movies I want to watch, or errands that need to be run.

The good news is this sense of relaxed days goes away pretty fast. I was up early this morning, working away. Writing this post is helping. Almost done with what needed my attention today with Solstice, which means time this afternoon to do some promoting or writing.

After all, Arwenna’s story isn’t quite done yet.


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