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Happy Holidays everyone! I hope you had a wonderful visit with friends and family!

I think I took a month off from this, but it’s back now! Everyone give a warm welcome to Ana Prundaru!

1. What’s the title of your latest release? Link?

Meet me in Your Dreams. http://www.amazon.com/Meet-Me-In-Your-Dreams-ebook/dp/B00RC1R1N4

2. Why do you like writing in this genre?

Ever since I learned how to write, I enjoyed coming up with stories which were out of this world – often to my teachers’ frustration. For example, I was once tasked to write about a normal day in my life during second grade. Instead of narrating my daily schedule, I ended up writing about a made-up monkey-friend, who would teach me to fly and transform spinach into chocolate. I suppose I always loved adding a magical element in order to embellish everyday which were out of this world – often to my teachers’ frustration.

3. What do you like to read?

Currently I’m reading lots of poetry books, but my taste is eclectic, ranging from nonfiction to epic fantasy books. What matters to me is the quality of writing and its ability to broaden my horizon.


4. Favorite movie?

Princess Bride

5. What are your writing habits? Music or silence? Daily regimen or spurts of creativity?

I set aside time periods during the week, when I work on current projects. I need total silence to work, otherwise my brain goes on a virtual vacation and I totally lose my train of thought. It’s a different story for editing though – I like editing texts to music – provided it is a calming, quiet music.

6. What was the most surreal moment you’ve had as a author?

When my first short story was accepted for publication. I was so grateful and needed some time to process the fact that someone enjoyed reading my piece.


7. How can readers find you?

My author page on Facebook is: https://www.facebook.com/anaprundaru.authorpage?ref=bookmarks

8.  What do you know now about being published that you wish you’d known before submitting?

I used to picture publishers more like a faceless body and I realize now that I had much too high expectations as to response time and feed-back. But now I know that publishers are people too; they have obligations outside reading your manuscript and they might not be able to get back to you as fast as you’d like

9. Favorite snack/drink while writing?

I tend to drink lots of coffee and tea while I’m writing. No snacks or soda, because that didn’t end well with my last laptop.

10. Look at your writing area…what’s the item you keep to inspire you (piece of artwork, figurine)?

My Japanese wishing doll is always on top of my table, keeping me company as I write.

Thanks for stopping by, Ana! Best of luck with the book!





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Happy Winter Solstice, everyone!

‘Wielder of Tiren’ is moving forward. I spent most of Friday working on it. Put down over 3,000 new words, added a plot twist or two, and am about halfway with the first draft.

It’s a good feeling to know the wheels are turning again, the ideas are flowing. I know I’m not alone in having times where I just don’t want to write. Or the ideas aren’t coming. The twists and turns escape me. I truly think this happens with every author.

All we can do is keep trying. Do whatever you need to do in order to get the wheel moving again. I see it a lot like an old water powered grain mill. You need that wheel moving in order to grind the grain. The water’s right there, ready to supply the power, but the wheel’s stuck. Sometimes it’s a simple fix, other times it’s going to require a lot more to get it free.

But it’s worth the effort. Because then the words flow as fast as the water.


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Hey! It’s Monday! Must be blog post time!

I was surprised last night. Went out and spent a day with friends and came home to it. My oldest daughter had snuck a photo of me during my signing event in November. There I was, behind my table, with a reader in front of me.

She left a copy above my monitor, along with this note:

“Just in case you forget how happy writing makes you.”

That one sentence reminded me why I write. I do it because it makes me happy. Forget the work of promoting, editing, and being ‘on’ at a moment’s notice. Forget the months where the sales don’t even buy me a latte. It’s the simple joy of crafting a story. Taking a thread of an idea and expanding on it. Getting so caught up in the writing that you forget what time it is. Creating something that you hope just one other person enjoys.

So, why do you write? Think about it. If you write for any reason, that’s good. It really is. But there’s got to be a reason beyond financial. Because the money isn’t going to really come into play for years, if ever. You have to write because you love it, because you can’t not write.

If you’re happy when you write, regardless of the genre or what you’re putting your characters through, it shows. The reader can tell which author loves what they do, and which one sees it as a trial and only wants the fame they think authors have. They can tell when you lose the enjoyment of crafting a story. So, hang on to that. Do whatever you can to keep the love of writing.


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I know, I didn’t make my post last Monday. I was kinda busy. We left town on Wednesday to attend my mom’s memorial service.

I spent most of the last week saying goodbye to her. Finding the best way to help my dad and older sister move forward. Reconciling myself to her passing. And resting from the emotional/mental drain from the week.

On a good note…”Alaric’s Bow” released on Dec. 1st!


So, now I’m in a mode to refocus myself. Move forward again. I’ve never had a big fear of death. Life goes on, even if those we love don’t. Words need to be said or written. Children still have birthdays. Holidays still happen.

Once my work time is done and lunch is done, it’s off to work on Arwenna’s final adventure for a bit.


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