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Everyone welcome author Rocky Rochford!

1. What’s the title of your latest release? Link?

The Spirit of Iris & the work can be found on either link: Amazon Link (1 link for all Amazon domains): http://bookgoodies.com/a/B00NP58LEY Solstice Publishing: http://solsticepublishing.com/the-rise-of-the-elohim/

2. Why do you like writing in this genre?

Well firstly fantasy adventures are just great fun to write. It is a world of writing where the only limits are your own creativity. A genre where you can make single locations or entire planets and occupy it with whatever you want. You want to have a vampire living in a moldy cheese castle, surrounded by a chocolate moat, you just write it, because there is literally nothing to stop you from doing just that. Plus with fantasy adventures, like Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, The Hobbit and many more of the same lines, the story can quite literally go anywhere and everywhere.

3. What do you like to read?

I do like a good supernatural based tale, such as Bram Stoker’s Dracula, as well as a good thriller such as the earlier Lee Child Jack Reacher novels and the Alex Cross books by James Patterson, but despite all them, fantasy and adventure are my favourite genre to read. For me Clive Cussler’s Dirk Pitt novels are a winner every time, I have ready every work in this series a minimum of two times.

4. Favorite movie?

I Honestly don’t really watch a lot of films and don’t actually have a single set film, so if I had to name a few, I would go with A Nightmare Before Christmas, Godzilla (the Matthew Broderick version), Fools Gold and Mission Impossible 2.

5. What are your writing habits? Music or silence? Daily regimen or spurts of creativity?

90% of the time it is always with music. Anything to occupy my conscious mind, so that the already devised story in my subconscious can just flow right on out.

6. What was the most surreal moment you’ve had as a author?

The moment I found myself signing copies of my own book which have been purchased by others. The entire process from getting a contract for my one of my works, working alongside my editor and even the actual release where surreal, but honestly even then it all just felt like a dream and I was dreading to wake up. But as I took pen to paper and etched my signature into a printed copy of my work The Spirit of Iris, it was a major wake up call that screamed, “This really isn’t a dream, this is Happening. You are achieving a lifelong dream!”

7. How can readers find you?

Readers can find me and get connected with me a couple of ways, with the following links:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IamRockyRochford?fref=ts

Twitter: @RockyRochford

Wattpad: http://www.wattpad.com/user/RockyRochford

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7310280.Rocky_Rochford

My Personal Website: rockyrochford.wordpress.com

8. What do you know now about being published that you wish you’d known before submitting?

The one thing I know now that I didn’t before I got published is this; the feeling of accomplishment is far more than anything I previously imagined. I spent three years trying to get my first ever work published and it was hard, a lot of rejections but I knew that come the day I do hold my creation in my hands, every rejection, blood, sweat and tear word be worth it. But as already previously stated, that feeling of accomplishment, it is so much more than I ever did imagine it would be.

9. Favorite snack/drink while writing?

I Don’t have one, when writing, I’m writing. I am so focused on what I’m doing that my music is set to full volume to block off the outside world and I just get into my zone. Having a snack or a drink would be too much of a distraction and to indulge in such would actually slow my pace down. Only when I’m done would I go grab a cup of black sugarless coffee and maybe have something to eat if I’ve worked through a meal.

10. Look at your writing area…what’s the item you keep to inspire you (piece of artwork, figurine)?

My writing area varies, I have a writing desk, yet I never use it. For me my writing area is the dinner table, my bed late at night between the hours of 12am to 6am, when for the life of me, I just can not sleep, so as for any item kept beside my writing post, in the hope it would inspire me, there isn’t one. My inspiration comes from closing my eyes, images of worlds and creations flash before me and away I go, ready to continue.

Thanks for stopping by, Rocky!



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Risks vs. rewards

Good morning, everyone! I hope you had a good weekend. I actually got some writing done on ‘Alaric’s Bow’. Felt great to have it moving forward again.

As authors, we walk a fine line. It’s a war between being grateful that our voice is being heard, our books being read. And not having sales meet our expectations.

So we turn to promotional sites and contests. Hoping that the outlay of entrance fees or the cost of the exposure will increase our sales. That a shiny sticker on our cover attracts readers, or the email touting our book on sale to thousands translates into getting people curious enough to open their wallets. Here’s the catch, though. Like everything else, it’s a risk. There is no guarantee you’ll win, or have that sales increase.

We have to decide if the risk, the cost, is worth the reward if we succeed. Not all promotions work for every title. Why? Because you cannot force people to buy your titles. Any more than you can make them leave a review.

I’ve been at this for around 3 1/2 years. It’s been that long since ‘Daughter of Hauk’ had its’ initial release. In that time, I’ve released 10 more titles. I promote, I stay positive, I enter contests. And I work on building my readership. But I don’t expect sales. I know most of those who follow my blog or FB page haven’t even bought a single book of mine yet. It’s possible they plan to, but they haven’t gotten around to it. Which is fine.

It’s the author who doesn’t make demands of his or her readers that gets the loyal base. Not the ones who would rather expect the rewards without taking the risk or be willing to put in the work.


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Good morning!

Lots of stuff going on this week in my life. Will not, however, let it totally remove writing time from my schedule. Yes, groceries need to be bought and appointments kept. But I have one with my characters that I can’t keep pushing off until ‘later’.

One of the biggest problems authors have is not seeing their own flaws. Far too often, we think our work is perfect ‘as written’ and fight necessary changes by our editor. We believe we ‘know’ our book will be a NYT bestseller, contest winner, wooed by Hollywood within days of release.

Guess what? I’m still waiting for all of that to happen.

There’s a fine line between believing in your book (which I do) and expecting the world to recognize your genius overnight (which I don’t). Not every author can do this easily. They refuse to see the flaws in their own work, or invest in marketing, researching contests. They believe it’s all the fault of ‘someone else’ (usually their publisher) for not retiring at the beach 2 months after their book goes up for sale.

Being a published author is a job that reaches beyond writing a story. You have to be able, and willing, to control your image. Don’t let someone else do your FB posts for you from the start. George Takei can get away with it, yes. But he’s George Takei. You’re not.

In publishing, image is EVERYTHING.

If you fail to read your contract in depth and scream for special treatment because you didn’t know what you signed up for, too bad. You’re going to have a short career with traditional publishing. New authors have absolutely no right to play diva. And publishers are under no obligation to satisfy your every single whim based on what you think of your book.

In publishing, nice guys finish first. Not last. We want to deal with people who are pleasant, polite, and who are willing to work with us to put out the best story possible. Not divas.


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In Memory

Fourteen years ago, too many people died simply because they were at work, on an airplane, or meeting someone.

Fourteen years ago, too many people died because some others couldn’t accept that they were different in some way.

Fourteen years ago, too many of us mourned those who were murdered for no real reason.

Hate gets us nothing. Religious zealotry of ANY faith gets us nothing.

Fourteen years later, we’re still fighting hate and zealotry.

It’s one thing to use guns in war. It’s another to practice forgiveness and acceptance.

I’m not saying war is a bad thing. I was excited like the rest of the U.S. when Bin Laden was killed. And I am grateful to each and every soldier who has taken up arms to defend my family.

But I honor those who died every day by refusing to hate someone I don’t know because of their nationality, faith, sexuality, political leanings, or race.

I encourage you to do the same.


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Who the real competition is

Good morning!

I know, it’s Tuesday. Not Monday. I was off camping with the SCA for 5 days straight and was too exhausted when I made it home to bother doing anything besides bathing and sleeping. LOL

I sold a few books (yeah!) while I was there, and met a couple of writers. Hopefully, I’ve encouraged them to take the leap, finish up their books, and submit them places.

For some reason, some authors see anyone else who writes in their genre as ‘competition’. They’re not. We aren’t competing against each other for readers. Most if not all readers will not stick to one author only. They may prefer them, go all fan boy/girl about them, but they read more than just the one author.

Readers read. A lot. We’re not in competition to get them. Not with each other. As authors, we should be encouraging those who want to be where we are. We have a duty, an obligation, to give feedback. To uplift them over discourage. Because we once were them.

The only person I’m in competition with is myself. To improve my craft with each story. To add new depth to the characters, more detail to the world. Give the reader more story to be lost in. Other authors aren’t what I have to compare myself to, for sales or otherwise. Because my voice is unique. As long as I’m writing, it’s being heard.


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