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Good morning!

I hope all is well with you today. Our week ahead is going to be interesting, but good. I hope. LOL.

There’s a single problem with social media. It encourages you to vent. Get out frustrations, rant about being mistreated, etc. This can be a good thing. It really can.

Unless you’re an author who chooses to slam your publisher in public over things you haven’t addressed privately.

Now, there’s bad publishers out there. Don’t get me wrong. And they deserve to be exposed and have pressure put on them to pay their authors what is due, etc. That’s not what I’m talking about.

It’s when someone points out a problem with your story in a review, and you blame the editing in public. Or you take the words and, instead of thinking ‘how can I do better next time’, you talk about how disappointed you are with your publisher.

Um…most publishers give the author the chance for a final review of their work before it goes up for sale. And sometimes formatting errors happen when the file is converted. If you gave the go ahead to your title, or it’s a file conversion issue, that’s not on your publisher. If those aren’t the case, have you contacted your publisher directly before ranting online?

At the end of the day, authors are responsible for their words. And the order in which they’re listed in the book. Be an adult and at least contact your publisher about possible problems before you go ranting online about how horrid they are. Why? Because it’s only going to make you look bad.

If you’re looking to move up the ladder in the publishing world, that means you’re following other Houses. They might be following you back. Who knows? Do you honestly think screaming about how horridly you were treated without any corroborating evidence is going to make them look at your submission with a favorable eye? That they won’t contact the other House and find out what you’re like to work with?

I try my best not to rant online. I don’t always abide by that rule, but I try. I take a step back, calm down, and wait for the emotional attachment to die down. Does the reviewer have a point? Could it be something I should address directly with my publisher? Is it possibly a formatting problem that can’t be fixed?

If at all possible, you want to only say good things about your publisher online. Why? Because it reflects favorably on YOU. If you’re constantly whining about this, that, or the other thing, you’re seen as a complainer and hard to work with. If you don’t say a word and address your concerns with them and not air them openly…compliment how well they communicate…you’re going to be seen as co-operative, pleasant, and easy to deal with. You’ll be seen as an adult and not a child.



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It was a wild week. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around everything.

Solstice took second in the voting. “Fin’s Magic” came in 3rd. Very proud of both ratings. Thank you to everyone that voted and helped spread the word!

And the Seahawks pulled out a victory in the NFC Championship game that still has me wondering ‘how did they do that?!?!?!’.

Even if you don’t follow football, it was a thrilling game.

I’ve had people tell me that it must be amazing, having all these stories and characters in my head. 95% of the time, it is. The other 5%? That’s when things get jumbled.

When life is chaotic, it tends to throw my writing into limbo. It’s hard to form dialogue when your focus is going sixteen different directions.

At the same time, this can be the BEST time to write. For me, it gives me an escape from the chaos. It makes me feel like something moved forward, I made progress. It’s no longer a life in stasis. I’m not waiting on someone else to answer an email, return my call, update their website. It’s a way to channel all that nervous energy generated by not knowing and make it positive.

Which means I should get a lot of writing done between now and the Super Bowl in two weeks! LOL

Go Hawks!


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Psst! No one’s entered the contest mentioned in last week’s blog! Recommend you go do that, because odds are REALLY good right now! Currently, Solstice is holding the #1 position, and ‘Fin’s Magic’ is in #4! If they BOTH win, I’ll select two winners!

Solstice voting link: http://critters.org/predpoll/ebookpublisher.shtml

‘Fin’s Magic’ voting link: http://critters.org/predpoll/shortstorysf.shtml

Don’t forget to click on the link in the email to confirm your vote! It won’t count unless you do!

Also…my HeadTalker campaign ends tonight and I’m still shy 5 supporters! Please, if you can, lend your aid and let’s get a last ditch rally for votes! https://headtalker.com/campaigns/fins-magic/

Now, today, I’m going to ramble a bit. And not about books or publishing. But about football.

I’m a nearly lifelong Washington State resident. I remember (yes, I’m that old) the first time the Seattle Seahawks took the field. I’ve suffered through the losing seasons. And there’s been a lot of them. The last three, though. This is a time to be a football fan living in Seattle.

I throw skittles at my husband every time Marshawn Lynch scores a touchdown.

I stood in crippling cold to catch a glimpse of the victory parade last February. A parade that saw more people lining the route than live in Seattle year round.

I’ve toured the stadium. Heard the roar of the 12th Man as I drove past the stadium. Watched the 12th Man flag be raised.

But I’ve never been to a game.

It’s one of the few dreams I have in relation to my books. That one day I’ll get a call from their publicity office, asking me if I’d like to raise that flag. That word of an international best selling author lives in Seattle Suburbia, and is a dedicated fan. Someone who didn’t just start watching when they got good. But has been there for the years of struggle it took to get to where we’re poised for back to back SuperBowl wins.

Russell Wilson has been quoted quite a bit for the phrase, “Why not us?”. And he has the best attitude I can imagine. It’s not about waiting for the opportunity to be handed to you. But doing the work, spending the hours, and making something you want come true. Be it a SuperBowl ring on your finger or a publishing contract in your hand.

Dreamers dream. Winners work.


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Happy Monday! Happy New Year!

Really excited to see 2015. So many new things to look forward to!

If you’re a member of Pacific NW Writer’s Association, I’m teaching a class THIS Thursday (1/8)! Be sure to come say hi after it’s done!

One of the things I look forward to each year around this time is the annual Critter’s Workshop/P&E polling. “Fin’s Magic” is in the running this year! And Solstice is striving towards the #1 print/ebook publisher.

This is where each and every one of you come into the picture.

We need votes. Lots and lots and lots and lots of votes. From each email address you use, and talk your friends into it. This would be so HUGE for both me and Solstice, you can’t even imagine.

Here’s the link to vote for Solstice: http://critters.org/predpoll/ebookpublisher.shtml

Here’s the link to vote for “Fin’s Magic”: http://critters.org/predpoll/shortstorysf.shtml

And, wait, there’s more!

I’m also doing a Headtalker campaign to help with getting the word out for “Fin’s Magic”! Any and all support you can throw at this is beyond appreciated!

Link to Headtalker campaign: https://headtalker.com/campaigns/fins-magic/

Thanking each and every person who helps out in advance! I’ll even throw in a bonus!

Once you’ve voted, post in the comments below. Should either Solstice Publishing or “Fin’s Magic” end up at #1, I’ll pick a name at random to get a set of ALL my ebook titles!


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