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Good morning everyone!

Fasten your seat belts! I’ve got a treat for you today! I’m being visited by former WWE/TNA Wrestling Star, Joe E. Legend! And, the always amazing Kristal McKerrington! Guess what! They’re AUTHORS TOO!!!





Hello All Readers,

I want to thank KateMarie for having me on here today with my co-author Joe E Legend. My co-author is a former WWE/TNA superstar, film star and now full time author. He’s about to release a whole range of books on the world.

Here is a taster of what we are releasing this year from Solstice Publishing. The book is called “Norse Gods: The Lovers War.” This sees me return to the Paranormal romance world for the first time in quite some time.


“Loki wasn’t ready for a new mate. Jennifer’s here to take his son. What will happen when the two collide? Is she ready to fall in love with a Norse God?”

We have another great book coming out soon, also with Solstice Publishing. This book is more what is expected of Joe. He’s taking the lead and helping to put out a wrestling romance which is very close to how wrestling is actually handled in real life. What better person to take lead on this great book?

“Strong, muscled chiselled good looks and a gentlemen to boot. That was what Anna’s friends thought she’d caught herself. Instead she caught herself a fighter, a wrestler and she knew what that meant.”

These two great books will be in eBook and Print. These are designed to tease your senses and make you water at the mouth. The hard hitting plots help me to live up to my reputation. These are the skills I’m passing onto Joe. 



Currently I have Calling You Home out with Solstice Publishing. I have just finished the second part to May and Jason’s story and I hope to be getting it to the publisher very soon. I’ve been so honoured to be a part of the special Celebrity Imprint she opened for us.

Jason finds out, Mary, the woman he let go all those years ago has returned. Now they have a second chance at the future they have always dreamed of, but she carried a secret away when she left. Now that she’s back her secrets have come home to roost. How will Jason react when he finds out what she has been hiding?

Get your copy now from Amazon for $1.24! What a bargain right?


Before we get out of here, we are proud to present our first book with Firefly & Wisp Publishing. It’s a hot book which has tongues wagging from one end of the States to the other. This is a book which has seen many dancers gossiping and wrestlers just a like. This is a hard hitting story which will have you desperate for me.

What is this book called?

Well its none other than Marie’s World.



“A simple job, unwanted love triangle. There is no escape for this twin.”

This book is due out really soon! We will announce its release on Twitter the moment it’s out.

Well thank you, KateMarie, for letting us taking over your wonderful page and we hope to talk again soon. Before we completely close out this awesome blog, we hope to drop you the links for the fan pages where you can talk directly to me and Joe.

Kristal’s Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/kristalsmckerringtonsfanpage

Joe’s Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/JoeELegendAuthorPage

Joe’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheJoeELegend

Kristal’s Twitter:  https://twitter.com/K_McKerrington


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It was a crazy week, day, weekend! I know, I know. I normally post on Mondays. I may have even concerned a few of you for posting this late in the day!

With our vacation coming up (we leave Saturday!), I’m trying to do extra things for Solstice this week. It means hitting the ground running at 7 am and going into the afternoon, but I also know my inbox will be full when I get back. The more I can clear out of it now, the better!

I do have some good news to share, though!

We have a release date for ‘Son of Corse’!!!! Mark your calendars for August 13th, 2013! 

I’m going on a huge, two week long, blog tour from August 7th to the 21st to promote the book. The link for the day will be posted here each morning once the post is live. You really want to follow along! Why? Because I’m sharing 2-3 paragraphs from the prologue of ‘Son of Corse’ in each blog!

For example, on August 6th, I’ll post the first two paragraphs here and on my FB page. On the 7th, you can click on the link I’ll put here and go read the next 2 paragraphs…and so on. By the time the end of the tour happens, the entire prologue will be up in small teasers!

On the 13th, I’m showing up on a podcast. The teaser for the day will be read during the show! Be sure to tune in for the fun!

And…the other bit of news….

The paperback version of ‘Mark of the Successor’ will release soon! 

I don’t have an exact date for that yet, just sometime before the end of August. Stay tuned!

So, have a terrific week! I’ve got a guest blogger coming in on Wednesday this week. Be nice and give her a warm welcome!


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Hey everyone!

As a gift to all of you, plus anyone you might want to suggest this to, ‘Kick the Can’ is FREE today on Amazon!

Grab a copy and enjoy some summer reading on me!


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As authors, we live by conveying details. We write, sometimes in minute detail, the scenery around our characters, the weave of their cloak, the embroidery on the handkerchief. It’s these details that bring our characters and worlds to life in the minds of the readers.

And the details are good to have. They add so much to our writing. 

Until your book is published and you aren’t getting the sales you expected.

That’s when you start trying to analyze WHY it’s not selling. Is the cover right? What about the blurb? Could the font be changed?

Here’s a tip: Try PROMOTING YOUR BOOK!!!

Covers and blurbs do matter. Those are the first impressions that readers get. But don’t get so caught up in ‘tricks’ to help your book sell that you forget the basics.

If you’re not telling people you’ve got a book out there, if you’re not trying to brand your name, the only sales you’ll get are from friends, family, and the really random stranger who happens to come across it at 3 a.m. on a website.

That’s not going to drive your numbers up, increase your exposure.

If you want to sell a book, promote it. Talk to people, get to know them. I was at a street fair last weekend and stopped in to get a henna tattoo. When the artist asked why I selected the one I did, I started talking about my books. Even gave her my card.

That’s what’s going to sell your book. Connecting with potential readers. The font? Nope. That’s just being difficult.


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Everyone welcome K.C. Sprayberry! She’s an amazing Solstice author, and her newest book releases today. It should be on Amazon soon, so watch for it!



Intrigued yet? You should be! ‘The Ghost Catcher’ is the first novel out from Solstice Shadows, an imprint designed for all things paranormal. With a bit of scifi/fantasy mixed in. (Warning – I’m about to crow a little!) It’s also the line I’m Editor in Chief for!!!!! Today’s just a little exciting for me!

But, today’s about K.C. and the fun of having a new book out there. So, if the cover didn’t whet your appetite, some of this should!


A gift to know when people are in trouble of the ghostly type puts Hailey Hatmaker in the middle of a major problem – one that winds up getting her into more hot water than she can handle. In true Hailey Hatmaker fashion, she dives into what turns out to be a battle with Limbo, her number one nemesis.

Can Hailey rescue two friends before it’s too late? Or ish forever condemned to losing to Limbo?



No adult in Landry, Georgia would ever admit a teen can do something right. Not a one, for then they would have to ‘fess up to the teens being able to make their own decisions. The people in charge just plain ignored any good thing teens did.

Then I saw a problem, one I couldn’t say a word about. All I could do is stand to one side and watch as disaster loomed.

I was the last person with Maren Dougless and Zac Morton Friday afternoon at the high school. What I saw of their auras – green with a black outer edge – scared me right down to my toes. As if that wasn’t bad enough, since black represented death, and green meant vibrant life, in addition the center of those auras each had a reddish eye in the center with sickly yellow streaks arcing throughout it.

            That was more than enough to make any person run for the hills, but I’m Hailey Hatmaker, Ghost Catcher extraordinaire. After many, many years of catching ghosts, I didn’t want two good friends to suffer that fate, but I had a big problem.



I am happily married to a man I met while in the Air Force. We will soon celebrate 20 years of marriage. Our teen, the youngest of 8, keeps us on our toes with his band activities. Writing is something I’ve done since I was very young. At first, it was in a diary and then I poured all my energies into English compositions, earning praise from my Advanced Composition teacher in high school for an extremely visual project. While in the Air Force, I placed second in the Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge’s annual contest and from then on, was hooked. However, the reality of a military career and raising children forced me to put off attempting publication until my husband and I moved to Georgia. It was after the birth of our now teen that I began taking courses through The Institute of Children’s Literature, Long Ridge Writer’s Group, and Writers Digest in an effort to make my life’s dream come true.

We live in Northwest Georgia, in a small town, where I write Romance, Westerns, Young Adult, and Middle Grade stories, both short and book length. More than a dozen of my short stories have appeared in magazines such as Listen Magazine, Brio, and The Pink Chameleon website. I also have two short stories in anthologies, Passionate Hearts Anthology and Mystery Times Ten. My westerns have garnered interest by avid readers and appear on The Western Online and Frontier Tales.

My work appears under the pen names of KC Sprayberry and Kathi Sprayberry. Softly Say Goodbye, a young adult novel, was my NaNoWriMo winning project for 2010. This story was inspired by a quote from a song and hearing of an auto wreck involving teens and drinking.


Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/KC-Sprayberry/331150236901202

Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/

Blog: http://outofcontrolcharacters.blogspot.com/

Website: www.kcsprayberry.com

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5011219.K_C_Sprayberry

JacketFlap: http://www.jacketflap.com/profile.asp?member=kathispray

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B005DI1YOU

Google +: https://plus.google.com/u/0/

Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/kcsprayberry/boards/

Authorgraph: http://www.authorgraph.com/authors/kcsowriter

So, you’ve got a cover. You’ve got a blurb. You’ve got an excerpt and a bio. How about a picture of the author!




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There’s an old saying that time flies by as we get older. I’m starting to realize just how fast!

Five years ago, I was experiencing the euphoria that comes with writing and being ‘in the zone’ for the first time.

I was slowly opening up to an online writing group, and sharing my story.

Four years ago, I was submitting my book to publishers. While cleaning it up in between queries.

Three years ago, I got my first full m/s request.

Two years ago, I sent it to Solstice.

18 months ago, I got my first contract.

And now, here I sit. With a cat on my lap, three books published, a fourth due to be released next month, and working as an EIC.

Who’d have thought that 5 years ago? Not me.

But I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my life as far as professional/career wise. It took me a number of years to find my Path. My feet are firmly planted on it now, however, and the real challenge has begun.

Time is still flying by, after all, and I have no idea where this Path will end.


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Happy 4th of July everyone! If you’re not in the USA, may the day treat you well!

I’m going to do some writing, grill some hot dogs later today, and then we’re visiting the Museum of Flight. It’s shaping up to be a good day.

I wanted to stop in, give you an extra post for the week, and bring you up to speed on some happenings for the week!

I released a new book! It’s a short story, really, but one of my favorites. It’s Amazon only (http://www.amazon.com/Kick-the-Can-ebook/dp/B00DQVXV4C/ref=sr_1_3?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1372955803&sr=1-3&keywords=Kick+the+Can), but only $0.99! Here’s the cover!



Have you ever wanted to ask me a question? Next Tuesday, you have the chance! I’ll be chatting live with best selling author Lizzy Stevens in the Solstice Chat room! The chat will begin at 2 pm pacific/5 pm eastern. We’re planning for an hour, but it may go longer if we get enough questions. You can find the chat room here: http://www.chatzy.com/88699931009322 You won’t have to create an account or anything. I’m looking forward to chatting with you!

Okay, my mind’s telling me to change out the cds in the stereo and get writing! Have a great holiday everyone!


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