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I’m a bit excited this morning! If you’re a fan of ‘Daughter of Hauk’, this might make you smile a bit as well.

‘Son of Corse’, the sequel to ‘Daughter of Hauk’, is officially under contract with Solstice Publishing. It should come out later this year!

It’s shorter than DoH by half. Why? The story said it was done at that point. I’m planning a third book to close out the story, and will begin writing that one shortly. I’ve got the plot in my head, the opening scene is slowly materializing, and the ending…well, I’ve written it already. 

And it’s going to make everything before it fall into place.

‘Mark of the Successor’ continues to do well. I thank all who have bought a copy of either book for that. I can’t be a best selling author without you.

Vacation looms in our house. Not a long one, mind you. Just getting out of town for a day or two. Our school district builds in snow days. If they don’t take them (like this year), the kids get the days off school. 

Grab your favorite e-reader, download a new book, and be grateful for those who died so we can take today off. Both my biological father and father in law served in the armed forces, plus my dad is a police force veteran. Service to others, in all kinds of capacities, run deep in our families. If you see someone in uniform today, tell them thank you. They deserve that, and so much more.



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Thank you, everyone! “Mark of the Successor” launched last week to great fanfare and fun. To my great surprise, it even spent a brief few days on Amazon’s Best Seller list for fantasy – coming of age!

That means that I can officially call myself a best selling author.

Wow. I gotta admit. It’s humbling and exciting to see those two words in front of my job. The book peaked at #31, and dropped off the list over the weekend, but it’s still something I’m smiling about.

There’s the excitement of being able to say that, yes. But I also know how many books actually sold to put me on the list. The number’s not in the hundreds like most would assume. Last time I checked, I sold fewer than 15 copies.

That’s right. I made a best seller list with really small sales.

What does that mean? Well, Amazon’s got an interesting way to rank books for one. While it was an absolute thrill to see the cover on the list (yes, I ghosted the list way too much Thursday and Friday) and not far from books by Mercedes Lackey and Terry Brooks, it’s a sobering reality that it doesn’t take tons of sales to make the list. You just have to sell one more unit than the guy behind you.

I’ve gotten some good reviews so far, and I’m hoping sales continue to move upwards. Who knows? Maybe I’ll get another day on the list once the long weekend hits and people go looking for a new read. 

If you’re in need of a good book or two, I can recommend titles 🙂


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Today, I’m thrilled to share my space with a pair of amazing authors. I hope you enjoy what they have to say!

Hello All,


Joe E Legend and myself, Kristal McKerrington, are honoured Kate has given the chance to speak to you all. We are on a wild promotional media tour at the moment for our new book Charlie’s Journal: A Man’s Desperation and Dragon. We are looking to talk to you about these wonderful books with you today. Joe will also share with you some of his movie news he has.


Dragon is our first Fantasy novel with Media Aria CDM LTD, its due out in 2015. Here is the upcoming blurb for the novel: Dragon’s being hunted by the dark magic shifters. She’s got one hope. Knox’s school of shape shifting, only she’s setup to be far more. She might have lost everything, but she has the chance to set everything right. Can she?


Media Aria CDM LTD link: http://www.mediaaria-cdm.com/author-profiles/


Charlie’s Journal: A Man’s Desperation is our first wrestling romance book together. Its being published by Firefly & Wisp publishing. Scheduled release is September 2013. Here is a taster of this wonderful book: “My wife died, daughters are going off the rails and everyone is looking to me to fix everything. A betrayedfriends set to destroy me. I’ll do anything for my daughters, but in the end will it end the world I know?”


Firefly & Wisp Publishing link: http://www.fireflyandwispbooks.com/charlies-journal.html


Kristal McKerrington is preparing to release her first book with Solstice Publishing called “Calling You Home” here is a taster of the book coming very soon.


Jason finds out May’sback in town. The woman he let got all those years ago has returned. Now they could have the future they dreamt of. She carried a secret away from him. Now she’s back and her secrets come home to roost. Follow Jason and May on their adventures through their complicated love affair. These small Ebookswill make lunchtimes fun again. We will bring you a country experience unlike any you’ve ever experienced before.”


Solstice Publishing’s Website Link: http://www.solsticepublishing.com/


Joe E Legend is going to be appearing in the following films on his own.  Vampire Soul – Hidden in Plain Sight (Seattle, Washington, USA/ American Production), Salvatus (England/Scotland/ UK Production),  Broken Nation (England/ UK Production), 4) Pandemonium (Carribean/ Eastern Europe/ USA/ American Production),  Untitled Horror/Slasher Film (Canada/ Canadian/American/Japanese Production) , The Second Chance (Italy/ Italian Production, English language)

Further, Joe E Legend’s and myself have signed on to star in a reality series to shoot around the USA, following me and a series of wrestlers and dancers as we make efforts to get our other TV series (a drama) signed while still pursuing our wrestling and dancing careers.

Joe will be
wrestling, a lot over the next year. He’s scheduled to tour India for some large stadium shows shortly which are meant to be broadcast across all of India and other parts of Asia. With the same company, he’s scheduled to be shooting their TV tapings (several months of content) for broadcast in more than 20+ countries in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. He has appeared for several years now for this promotion and is a writer for them.


He is also the head writer for a promotion in Turkey where our TV product is watched by 1,500,000 fans per episode according to the last ratings. Further, Joe is scheduled for a tour of Pakistan in the Summer which will get big media attention in this country, and also scheduled to return to Canada for a huge Heavy Metal festival called “Heavy TO” which draws a live crowd of over 25,000 per day over 2 days and has been given a writing job there as well.


Joe’s  in negotiations to return to Japan (he’s toured there 14 times) and have a strong fan base there. He is also the “World Heavyweight Champion” for a promotion in Russia and have a strong fan base there as well as Switzerland where I’m champ as well.

Please follow us on our intense Media tour which is currently going on. We are scheduled to appear on the following places:


May 20th- UK Radio with Mike George- Joe E Legend
21st– Spotlight @ Passion for Romance – Kristal McKerrington

May 21- Ken Reedy Show- Joe E Legend
May 25th – Skype Interview with Patricia Ann Show- Joe and Kristal
May 26th- Skype Interview with Novel Idea Live- Joe and Kristal
June 5th- Romance blog- Kristal with mentions of Joe
June 6th- Calling Spots Magazine for Print and Online interview- Joe E Legends
June 13th- Romance Radio Station with a Bestseller- Joe E Legends and Kristal McKerrington
July 23rd- Night Owl Reviews- Joe E Legend and Kristal McKerrington


Thank you for stopping by and we hope to see your reviews, thoughts on the following social media pages relating to this tour: Image



Image blo

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It’s a busy day around here today…and most of it you can be part of!

In about 90 minutes (12 noon PDT/3pm EDT), I’ll be chatting it up with Authors on the Air host and fabulous person, Pam Stack! Here’s the link for those of you who want to listen in. If you miss it, don’t panic. She’ll have in available in the archives shortly after we finish up.


Immediately after the podcast is over, I’ll be popping into FaceBook for my online release party! Lots of giveaways and fun to be had! Check it out here: https://www.facebook.com/events/200289673452008/

Woke up to some great news! “Mark of the Successor” is in the Top 100 for it’s categories! It peaked at #43, has dropped down to #51, but it’s still amazing for the first 24 hours! It’s already gotten a 5 star review, too! Need a nudge to find it? Here’s the link!


Need to get a few more things done before the interview. Thanks for hanging out with me today!


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Yup, it’s that time today! Check out my guest blog here!


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Well, ‘Mark of the Successor’ officially released today. It’s available on the Solstice website already, and will be on Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, and KOBO within the next 10-72 hours.

Yes, I’m grinning today!

Keep watching this space today for a blog tour stop update! Or you can go download the book and get some reading in while you wait!


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Today on my blog tour, you get the chance to meet Lily, the main character from ‘Mark of the Successor’! She got ‘interviewed’ by KC Sprayberry!

Here’s the link…enjoy!


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