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Moving forward

Ok, so I’m a day late this week.  I’ve started to do some proofreading, so I spent yesterday working on my first assigned book. 

Last Friday, I sat down with a wonderful gentleman with our local paper as he interviewed me for an article on my book!  The article comes out on August 10th, and he said he’d make sure it was online as well, so look for the link!  We’re going to be on vacation starting the 11th, so my post may be early so you all can see the article before I go somewhat unplugged.

I’m hosting some fellow Solstice authors soon, as well.  I should have an interview with one later this week, plus a guest blog post next week.  Keep watching!

I think I’m finally getting somewhat comfortable with talking with people about my book.  The reporter was great at putting me at ease, and I think I’m finally getting comfortable with the public persona part of all this.  There’s a difference between being confident and able to converse about your work, and being an egomaniac who wants to do nothing else.  I’ve got plenty of friends who have volunteered to smack me alongside the head and reset my brain if the ego starts getting too big!  I think authors have it easier than other creative types (actors, for example) only because you don’t get as readily recognized in public when you’re an author.  The hours are just as long, but we need to be approachable.  To a point, that is.  I’m rather protective of people knowing exactly where I live, for example.  Mainly because it’s a nice neighborhood and our neighbors would prefer not to have fans knocking at their door asking if they know me.

I’m certainly NOT at that level of fame yet.  I don’t know that ‘Daughter of Hauk’ has even sold 100 copies yet.  But, it’s better to establish the boundries now than to have them blurred later.  Plus, the article coming out will have a photograph of me.  I just might get recognized in the grocery store now.

Hehe…a friend of mine recommended I get a t-shirt that said, “I’m not the author you’re looking for” and wear it on days I just want to be left alone.

Nah, I’d rather be approachable and gain a reputation of being a decent person to any fans that recognize me.  I’ve had a few sales in the U.K, which was an interesting feeling.  And dealing with the fans is part of this journey.

A journey I asked to go on the moment I submitted my manuscript.



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Good morning, everyone.

Well, it’s Monday and I’m making a blog post.  That much of my new work habit seems to have stuck.  Still working on the other parts.

Saturday, my husband and I went to watch a good gaming friend get married.  Congratulations to them both!  Afterwards, we met up with some other gaming friends and hung out at a local restaurant/bar.  We were all laughing pretty hard by the end of the night.  It was necessary.

Sunday, he and I went to see ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ in IMAX.  I loved it.  Not giving away anything to those who haven’t seen it yet!  But I will say it was the perfect way to end Christopher Nolan’s vision for the character.

I had someone ask me on FB, privately, how I could go see the movie after what happened in Colorado.  I did it because I don’t like being afraid of ‘what if’.  I spent too much of my younger years (can’t really say youth at my age!) being afraid.  Those who died were there because they wanted to go, not because they knew someone would charge in and begin to shoot.

There’s nothing to say to make sense of what happened.  Bad stuff happens to good people, both in fiction and reality.  What you need to decide is if you want that fear of ‘what if’ to rule your life or not.

I got tired of it running my life about four years ago, when I was writing “Daughter of Hauk”. I realized I was more terrified of a publisher telling me yes than no.  I expected the rejections.  And I did not want my daughters to have those same fears.

Tenatively, I started to share my novel with an online writers group I’d found.  Was it completely praised and such?  Nope.  But the members refused to let me give up because I was afraid, they encouraged me to branch out, learn, expand.  And submit.

Here I sit, on a Monday morning, knowing I have to fold some laundry and get my daughter up soon before I start writing. 

And I’m using my writing as therapy once again, to make sense of the senseless.


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Good morning everyone!

I hope you had a great week.  Ours was fairly relaxed.  One of the few we have this summer.

I spent a couple of days last week rearranging/cleaning my office.  I changed the flow of energy in here, made it easier for me to see some artwork on my wall that inspires me (normally) to write and/or submit to publishers.  Goddess knows I’ve needed help over the last few years for both of those!

A writer I’ve admired for years, Nick Pollotta, often tells writers to establish good work habits.  Office hours, in which you write every day.  He’s told me to approach this as a job, not a hobby, and make time to write as I would any other job.

So, my new goal is to do this.  Mondays are good days for me to write blog updates, and most of my promotional things (twitter, FB, etc) I can do either in the mornings or evenings.  With the exception of the days I go grocery shopping, I can get EVERYTHING I need to do around the house (my exercise walk, dishes, laundry, etc) done prior to 10 am. 

I’m thinking I need to train myself to ignore email/stay offline and write from 10 am to 3 pm.  With the exception of things like getting my kids to/from appointments and doing the grocery shopping once a week, that is.

Now all I have to do is implement the plan.  Easier said than done, I fear!

As a side note, my first reading/signing event is closing in FAST!!!!!!!!  It’s just under 6 weeks away, on August 25th, and Paula needs to know who is coming!  Get in touch with her at http://www.fantasiumcomics.com to reserve your spot.  C’mon, guys!  You know you want to watch me flounder my way through this!  LOL

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It’s been an interesting week.  Long, in some ways.  I got zero writing done.  Between the hubby being out of state on business (he came home on Tuesday, in time to readjust to west coast time on the 4th before going back to work), and a house full of extra kids, I just didn’t get any progress done.

That’s not to say I didn’t THINK about things, or write in my head.  I do that most of the time anyway. 

Our oldest turned 14 over last weekend, while my hubby was out of town.  Besides having a back yard full of teens for the party, she had one friend who spent an entire week with us.  Making sure I was available to them became the priority.

I did, however, get to be Casey Ryan’s guest on The Cutting Room Floor this morning!  His show is amazing, and I had a blast.  Here’s where you can go to hear the interview, if you’re so inclined.  http://www.talkshoe.com/talkshoe/web/audioPop.jsp?episodeId=640643&cmd=apop

What’s next?  A bit of quiet, I think.  It’s going to be a few days before my girls will have friends spending the night.  I need a break from having extra bodies in the house to supervise, transport, or feed.  LOL

I’m getting the writing itch again, so I’m hoping to push through the rough draft of ‘Son of Corse’.  My first reading/signing event is just over a month away (August 25th, at Fantasium Comics in Federal Way, WA.  Contact Paula via www.fantasiumcomics.com for details), and I’d love to be able to go from saying “I’m working on the sequel” to “it’s with my crit partners and editor friend, Tony Rudzki” if anyone asks about it.

Tonight, it’s about relaxing with friends.  We’re hosting dinner for a friend and her fiancee tonight.  I just got the roast in the oven 20 minutes ago and the aroma’s already making my stomach grumble.

Spending time with friends can really make my creative juices flow!

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